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One of the best resetting software currently available on the internet is Office 365 Trial Resetter. Office 365 has features that are in high demand. Our software can help you make full use of Office 365 with no hassle and at maximum comfort. The soaring popularity is a result of its effectiveness. If you wish to learn more about doing an Office 365 Trial Reset, follow through with the information below.

How to Reset Office 365 Trial using Resetter?

Microsoft makes their products in a crafty manner. It prevents reverse engineering and helps to block attempts to crack the software. Due to a license registration system implemented into the system, you cannot use several online features.

If you are looking to reset Microsoft Office 365 trial, use our Office 365 trial resetter. Several other Office 365 trial reset tools available online. But our software helps by doing making your work as efficient as possible. However, to begin the process, you need the trial version installed on your computer. Then proceed to download Office 365 Trial Resetter. You can find more information about downloading later in this article. 

  • Resetting Procedure

For an Office 365 trial reset, you need to download a resetter. First, go to your download directory and run the setup file after downloading. The setup may take some time to complete, so please be patient. Next, run the executable. Several packages of Office 365 will appear for selection. Choose the one you have chosen for a trial, and hit next. The patcher will then request additional setup information from you. When you finish, click ‘Patch.’ Upon entering a program of Microsoft Office 365, the Evaluation Period will show that you have 30 days remaining. You can now reset Office 365 trial just by following these simple procedures!

Windows Registry is the key to Office 365 trial resetter. Since it has an automated system, you don’t have to repeat the process over and over again! To clarify, the automation makes your Office 365 trial reset daily. None of your settings are altered during this process. It makes working far more productive!

How to download Office 365 Trial Resetter?

You can reset Office 365 trial using our resetter! Download it using the ‘download’ buttons below, follow the instructions and enjoy Office 365 limitlessly with no obstacles. Further, there are other sources, too, which you may stumble upon if you google it. But since our website provides secure and safe downloads, you are better off downloading from us! Above all, Trial Resetter provides a lot of resetters for different kind of software such as: Trial Resetter for Internet Download Manager, Norton Trial Resetter, Kaspersky Trial Resetter and Trial Resetter for Quick Heal.

What is Office 365, and why use it?

Microsoft Corporation provides a subscription-based service known as Office 365. To clarify, it is the same company which made one of the most well-known Operating Systems of all time. You are, in fact, probably familiar with it. The one and only Windows OS! Initially issued on June 28th, 2011 – Office 365 has been used extensively by businesses and personal use alike. Due to its high reliability, it shines on being one of the best providers of productivity apps. Furthermore, unlike most other services, Office 365 provides several all-in-one packages for users and businesses that let them personalize their workspace. 

What makes Office 365 Unique?

Office 365 stands out as it’s a distribution of productivity-related software. Used by millions of companies worldwide, it is trusted enormously. The features it provides are single-handedly more significant than most of its alternatives. Using Office 365, you can efficiently handle all your documents and presentations securely. You can utilize it both offline and while online. To clarify, you could use the basic versions of the software that Microsoft provides, which is free. However, the paid version of those distributions has a major difference. Office 365 delivers access to some of the essential features. In addition, these include real-time communication, data analysis, social networks, and several security features. Of course, there is also a multitude of several other features.

Office 365 is used by companies worldwide due to several reasons. Since a company focuses on the core business for revenue, they need to cut down on costs. Such costs include software licenses or for human resources needed to maintain a complex IT infrastructure. Office 365 is serviceable in such terms. It also helps ensure high-performance operations and nullifies downtimes. The secure service provided with this subscription is worth mentioning since it protects against fatal security vulnerabilities. Frequent updates are automatically applied to the programs by Office 365, so you never have to break a sweat. 

Why is Office 365 trial?

Companies and large organizations actively use Office 365. Due to its high credibility and the compulsive features it offers, working on a project or recording a database is very convenient. Accompanied by the smooth and user-friendly GUI, it dispenses a different feel. Therefore, every essential function is only one click away from execution. 

Office 365 Trial Resetter - Reset Microsoft Office 365 Trial

Office 365 is unfortunately not available for free. Since it is a subscription-based service, you are required to pay on a monthly/yearly basis. It renowned because of all of its traits. Anyone might not necessarily be willing to pay for it anyhow, since it costs a lot. 

Luckily Office 365 offers a 30 day long trial period. It’s because potential subscribers often prefer a preview of the features. They may then proceed to subscribe if it meets their expectation. Therefore, Microsoft allocated several price ranges for the diverse bundles of services they provide. Furthermore, these are listed below for reference. 


Microsoft 365 Family: Available for up to six people.


  • Word 
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint 
  • OneNote 
  • Outlook 
  • Microsoft Access 
  • Microsoft Publisher 

           Additional Features:

  • 6 TB Cloud Storage (1 TB/user)
  • Advanced Security
  • AI-powered programs

Price: $99.99/year

Microsoft 365 Personal: Available for a single user


  • Word 
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint 
  • OneNote 
  • Outlook 
  • Microsoft Access 
  • Microsoft Publisher 

           Price: $69.99/year

Microsoft Office Home & Student: Available for a single user


· Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint

           Price: $149.99 (One-time purchase)

The trial period only lasts up to 30 days, after which a pop-up will appear, announcing the expiry of your trial. A link will then redirect you to the purchase page, where you have to pay. If you wish to experience Office 365 with no expense, look no further! With Office 365 trial resetter, you will have unhindered access to all the latest features Microsoft provides. What’s more – it requires no cost at all and requires little to no effort at all!

That is all to say about Microsoft Office 365 and the trial resetting procedure using our resetter.


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