Download Resetter to Reset the Quick Heal Trial

Designed to reset Quick Heal trial, our software – Quick Heal Total Security Trial Resetter is top-rated among many internet users. It allows you to use it comfortably and with no obstacles whatsoever! With Quick Heal Trial Resetter, you can reset Quick Heal Trial instantaneously. More details of our software are provided below in this article.

How to Reset Quick Heal Trial using Resetter?

Quick Heal has detectors embedded into its infrastructure, making it near to impossible to crack. Most cracks that are available online are fake and unreliable. Crack downloads of Quick Heal are often infected to make you download malware. Online key validators also cause failure to use cracked Quick Heal. Our Resetter can avoid all those detection methods. To clarify, it doesn’t involve the alteration of the base files of Quick Heal.

Quick Heal Trial Resetter is reasonably simple to use and resets Quick Heal trial. This Resetter does most of the complex work. Being credible, user-friendly, and concise, you require no additional effort. You’ll be at maximum comfort during the Quick Heal trial reset process. Due to the simple User Interface and interactive icons and fonts, Quick Heal Trial Resetter makes it easy for you to complete the process to reset Quick Heal Trial.

This Resetter is dependent on Windows Registry to work. It gets rid of traces of any previous use of the software. Since it’s an automated system, it is not required for you to repeat this process. Above all, the trial resets every time you start Quick Heal!

How to download Quick Heal Trial Resetter?

Quick Heal Total Security Trial Resetter is readily available. You can download it now from our website for completely free! Furthermore, all you need to do is to click below on any of the links to start your download. We provide a safe download from our servers. After the download, follow the procedures mentioned above to enjoy Quick Heal and all of its functionalities!

Download Process

At first, you need to download Quick Heal Total Security Trial from their official website. The link is provided below. Next, download the Quick Heal Total Security Trial Resetter. After downloading it, copy the downloaded file to the directory where you have installed Quick Heal Total Security. The downloading procedure is included later in this article. Next, go to the directory and run the trial resetter in ‘administrator mode.’ It provides the patcher with the privileges it requires to work successfully. It might take a while to load up the executable, so please be patient. Once it is running, select Quick Heal’s .exe file, and click on ‘patch.’ A bar will represent how much the process has is complete. After that, exit the trial resetter and refresh your computer a few times.

After completing this procedure, enter Quick Heal’s trial. Further, you will see that the evaluation period time is ‘30 days remaining’. From this point onwards, regardless of how long or how many times you use Quick Heal, it will still be available for use! Therefore, now you can enjoy all the functionalities of Quick Heal with zero cost!


In some scenarios, you might fail to reset Quick Heal trial with our tool. To clarify, this may happen if you use an older version of Windows. Quick Heal Trial Resetter may not work if your computer doesn’t have the latest drivers and updates. Please ensure your computer requirements before proceeding with the patching process. In addition, Quick Heal might need a restart in some cases, so restart your computer after the patching process.

You can also google Quick Heal Total Security Trial Resetter to download our software from alternative mirrors or sources if our download links do not work in any case. We have many other reset tools. Therefore, if you need any other trial resetter such as for: IDM, Kaspersky, Norton or Office 365 make sure to visit the appropriate category.

What is Quick Heal?

One of the vital things in this day and age is cyber-security. A computer user is exceptionally likely to be infected by any form of a virus. Viruses are subtle. Because it is hard to find, manually removing them is tedious. Furthermore, Quick Heal makes it suited for the user to remove malware with a single click! Also, it provides real-time protection against viruses present on the internet. If you are an active internet surfer, you’re in luck!

Cybercriminals entrap websites, making them seem legit when they are not. Furthermore, this security software runs a scan of websites upon entering them and blocks if it detects any payloads. Quick Heal will simultaneously inform you of the nature of the virus. Quick Heal manages to prevent contact of your malware with your device. It accomplishes so by overlaying your device using layers of protection. Windows firewall is useless compared to Quick Heal’s functionalities.

Quick Heal Trial Resetter

Quick Heal has many features like ‘Data Theft Protection.’ File Vault is yet that comes with Quick Heal. It encrypts your private data making it unreadable without a password via encryption. Quick Heal also secures your online banking system. To clarify, it prevents hackers from stealing money from your account by phishing. Quick Heal removes malware on the go as you use your computer! The sheer amount of eye-catching features makes Quick Heal preferable over other antivirus software. Above all, with Quick Heal, you can fulfill your daily security requirements suitably! All of the features are listed later on, so continue ahead for more information.

Why is Quick Heal trial?

Quick Heal is used regularly by users worldwide. Above all, it is easy to operate and with a fantastic-looking interface and it augments virus cleaning. However, Quick Heal is not free. You need to pay yearly to use it. The many features it offers make it worth the price. However, many might not be willing to or cannot afford it. Quick Heal trial is, however, available. The problem is that it lasts only for 30 days. The trial is therefore not reliable.

  • Features

Quick Heal Total Security is sought after due to all of the fancy features. Furthermore, you can check all of them below.

Advanced DNA; Scan Browsing Protection; Ransomware Protection; Browser Sandbox; Safe Banking; Phishing Protection; Spam Protection; Vulnerability Scan; Virtual Keyboard; Parental Control; Wi-Fi Scanner; Data Theft Protection; PCTune;r PC2 Mobile Scan; Webcam Protection; File Vault Game Booster; Anti-Tracker.


$74.00 – 1 user

$83.20 – 2 users

$124.80 – 3 users

Note: To clarify, all the prices above are up to to one-year usage.

Due to its strict limit of only 30 days, indefinite use is impossible without paying. After that, once the trial period ends, it will redirect you to the billing page. You will then have to pay to use it but with our latest software you can get unlimited usage without even a purchase! We present to you the ‘Quick Heal Total Security Trial Resetter.’ The name itself is self-explanatory. It provides uninterrupted access to all of the elements Quick Heal Total Security has to offer!

That is all to say about this security software and the reset tool.


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